Code of Ethics

Wed, 11/06/2013 - 15:16

Code of Ethics

CPCU Society Ethics Code
Ethics Code from bylaws amended October 7, 1990

It may be a basis for disciplinary action to commit any of the following acts:

Specified Unethical Practices

1. To violate any law or regulation duly enacted by any governmental body whose authority has been established by law.
2. To willfully misrepresent or conceal a material fact in insurance and risk management business dealings in violation of a duty or obligation.
3. To breach the confidential relationship that a member has with his client or with his principal.
4. To willfully misrepresent the nature or significance of the CPCU designation.
5. To write, speak, or act in such a way as to lead another to reasonably believe that the member is officially representing the Society or a chapter of the Society unless the member has been duly authorized to do so.
6. To aid and abet in the performance of any unethical practice proscribed under this Section.
7. To engage in conduct which has been the subject of a presidential or Board of Directors directive to cease and desist.

Unspecified Unethical Practices

1. A member shall not engage in practices which tend to discredit the Society or the business of insurance and risk management.
2. A member shall not fail to use due diligence to ascertain the needs of his or her client or principal and shall not undertake any assignment if it is apparent that it cannot be performed by him or her in a proper and professional manner.
3. A member shall not fail to use his or her full knowledge and ability to perform his or her duties to his or her client or principal.

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